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Clara Luzia – Cosmic Bruise

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In memory of Tuğçe Albayrak,

On 15 November 2014, German student Tuğçe Albayrak was struck and fatally injured outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Offenbach am Main.

According to the witness statements, she had rushed to the aid of the girls upon hearing their screams when they were reportedly harassed by a group of three men in the toilet of a McDonald’s.

Albayrak sustained severe brain damage and fell into a coma. Doctors pronounced her brain dead on 26 November. Her parents decided to remove her life support on 28 November, her 23rd birthday.

Clara Luzia was recorded raw version of this song in her kitchen and shared it on soundcloud right after Charlie Hebdo attack.

“I’m deeply concerned about what happened in Paris, and don’t really know what to say, where to begin. A few weeks ago I wrote a song called “Cosmic Bruise” trying to cope with the death of Tuğçe Albayrak. Unfortunately this song keeps spinning in my head these days. I recorded it in my kitchen an hour ago. Please don’t mind the quality of the recording; it’s not about that at all this time. Thanks for reading, listening, paying attention, and caring!”


Written by barisvskaya

July 8, 2015 at 8:39 pm